UltraMax Filtrates
New Evolution of Nano Filtrates
umf nano filtrates organ specific cell therapy

The Ultrafiltrates of Thera Zell™ UMF Cell Life Nutritional Supplement is manufactured to achieve biological and physiological balance in the individual systems in your body using the latest technology in nano filtration extraction . It revives the regenerative processes in your body by providing the necesary building blocks in your tissues to restart the healing process of that specific tissue, which optimizes the functioning of individual tissues, organs and body systems. These excellent nutritional supplements are an effective tool in reviving and optimizing your health.

The biological process activated by using the nutritional supplement involves the supply of cells with bioactive peptides to the specific tissue of your body thanks to the principle of organo-specificity. These positively influence the control mechanisms of individual cells and the inter-cell relationships of various tissues and organs leading to supportive, protective, and regenerative effects in the body.

ultramax filtrates keloid case

The advantage of ultrafiltrates produced by the Ultramax Filtrates company is that they can be taken sublingually or orally. Thanks to the advanced nanotechnology for the ultrafiltration of cell extracts, they are now small enough to be absorbed via oral mucosa. UltraMax Filtrates are made up of molecules no bigger than 10kDa, which guarantees its quick mucosal absorption and it's germ free. It is impossible to overdose taking this type of nutritional supplements because the substances involved occur naturally in cells, with low-molecular size native peptides which are metabolized naturally.

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