Cell Therapy
"Heart heals the heart, lung heals lungs, spleen heals spleen"

"Heart heals the heart, lung heals lungs, spleen heals spleen"

paul niehans

Cell therapy is defined as a medical procedure where a tissue or cellular material is injected into a patient. Many years ago, Paracelsus renowned physician from 16th centuries believed that the most effective way to heal a damaged organ is the use of living tissue of the same organ, “heart heals heart lung heals lung spleen heals spleen”. This concept was followed and used by many ancient doctors for many centuries including the Egyptian as shown in the great book of Egypt's Eber Papyrus. Nowadays, blood transfusion is similar to this procedure and it can be considered as a cell therapy, now, a medical protocol, such as the bone marrow transplant.

For many years, scientist and research have been working to uncover the secret of cell therapy since it holds great promises in the future to treat many diseases, for example the use of stem cell, every organ of our body have its own stem cell, once the cell of an organ gets old and decay, its stem cell produce new and fresh cells to replace it and maintain its optimal function, but as we age, the production and the stem cell start to slow and produces less cells, therefore, one of the process to improve the production is the cell therapy. Many researches spent most the career working in this hypothesis, such as Dr. Charles Brown-Séquard, when he used the tissues of testosterone from an animal to prolong his life in 1817, a procedure that was previously use by the romans and the Chinese to cure erectile dysfunctional diseases.

eber papyrus

paul niehans Other pioneer of cell therapy is another well-known research, in an effort to proof the possibility of immortal tissues, Nobel Prize winner Dr. Alexis Carrell and his colleague managed to retain of series heart of chicks alive and beating from 1912 to 1940 with constant use of nutrients and blood plasma at the Rockefeller institute for many years, publishing numerous articles of updates for this project. With this project, Dr. Carrell managed to proof that cells are indeed intrinsically immortal and that it could be proliferated forever if it’s maintained properly. After Dr. Carrell passed away, many scientists challenged Dr. Carrell discoveries but they all failed to reproduce his researches.

A Swiss doctor, Paul Niehans, considered as the father of cell therapy, was intrigued about the healing benefits and he decided to follow the footstep of the previous scientist, continuing the work until he successfully cured an ill woman near dead with a tissue from an animal, prolonging the life of the victim for more than 20 years. Dr. Niehans believes the cell therapy can be used not only to cure diseases that normal method can’t heal but also to prolong life, this event made Paul Niehans to use this unorthodox method of healing for the rest of his live. His works would be later be noticed by Pope Pius XI himself and Dr. Niehans became part of medical team. Dr. Paul Niehans would use his therapy with many celebrities and important people in politics including Winston Churchill, Emperor Hirohito, and many other with great results, exposing the healing benefits of this therapy. Nowadays many celebrities and wealthiest travel long distance to Europe to clinics to get this incredible therapy.

These days, Sheep are being kept in close colonies and grown carefully with the purpose of harvesting fresh tissues to continue with the therapy. Sheep are preferred selection since they are unlikely to be infected with harmful diseases and they are not exposed to toxic and many other unhealthy environments like humans.