PBR (Phyto Based Rejuvenation)
Improves and Restores Old Skin Cells

PBR (Phyto Based Rejuvenation) is a newly developed and effective formula for skin cell rejuvenation. After many years of continuous research, plant placenta has proved to provide cell regeneration results better than ever: making it safer, cost effective, and accessible for consumers.

PBR contains naturally occuring antioxidants which intervene in the metabolism of free radical and other substances produced by the oxidation of lipids at the cellular membrane level. Rich in amino acids and antioxidants, PBR helps protect your skin from being exposed to harmful pollution and enhances your beauty. These antioxidants allows the body to fight against free radicals, that would otherwise damage cells and cause aging, brighten skin tones while proctecting your skin from being expose to harmfull pollution.

PBR also provides amazing skin rejuvenation by restoring your skin cells and reducing wrinkles, improves the oxygen supply in our cells to enhance protein synthesis in our skin. PBR assists in lightening and rejuvenating skin, and the enhancement of immune system.

  • Plant Placenta
  • Cell & Skin Regeneration
  • Amino Acids
  • Repairs Damanged Tissues
  • Energy Production
  • Fights Free Radicals
pbr phyton based rejuvenation
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