From ultra filtrates to sheep placenta extracts, Nutricos Ceuticals is the forerunner company distributing only high concentrated product from around the world using ingredients based from the famous cellular therapy and ingredients with are known to bring incredible benefits to the skin at a cellular level. Carefully selected and witnessing the manufacturing of these products, Nutricos Ceuticals’s products only distribute natural products that has no side effects or chemicals, which is why we are proud to present these products to you so you can experience the incredible benefits of the innovative products.
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Targeting Fat Cell and Promoting Good Health

As Nutricos Ceuticals continue in the search of innovative product using potent and natural ingredients, we bring you another incredible product which is another achievement from MiLEOX, Pepti-Slim is the newest lineup that is formulated with many natural ingredients beside its proprietary formula including African Mango, Green Tea, Apple Cider, Resveratrol, and much more that will enable you to lose weight without effort or diet is a short time. Formulated to target the excess of fat cells in your body, Pepti-Slim boosts double metabolism to keep your body on burning more and more glucose in a natural and healthy matter that no only destroy the fat cells but it also maintain incredible blood circulation that will not affect your body negatively.

Our lose weight supplements is formulated with carefully supervision using only high quality ingredients that bring only harmony and effectiveness to your body, with incredible results depending on your body. Since Pepti-Slim is completely natural, no chemicals is used, your body will not bring any side effects and it’s perfect for vegetarian

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Remove signs of wrinkle and look ravishing young
We all know that aging is unavoidable and as you age, so your skin’s cell stops producing the healthy cells that keeps you looking bright and beautiful, which is why Nutricos Ceuticals, one of its main goals is to find the best natural products out there with original ingredients and formuation that help effectively any person to maintain the beautiful skin and keeps you skin young and looking ravishing, after a long and careful search, we are proud to announce our lineup of sheep placenta products. Sheep placenta is not a new beauty trend. Sheep placenta is known for its high concentration of nutrients, regenerative abilities, and growth factors hormones, competent to whiten and clear your skin, hydrate dry skin, heal wounds, regulate the oil distribution in your face, and remove the appearance of wrinkle, that’s why this type of cell therapies are still being use these days by many A-stars celebrities and wealthiest to keep them looking young and beautiful. Placenta is already being used in many beauty products for hair and face by various known brand since it’s proven its effectiveness. It’s the new evolution of beauty skin care of all women and men.
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What is Cellular Therapy
So many innovation in science and skin care products using cell therapy but what is it and who started it?
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Travel to the specific organ to improve dramatically
As you age, your body stop working the way you wish, your body just stop producing enough cells for your organs to keep them optimized the way it was when you were younger. Yet another incredible product of Nutricos Ceuticals, nano technology and regenerative abilities of the placenta, from the lands of Europe and based from the concept of principle of homology and organo-specificity, we present you a new product that uses the latest technology of ultra-filtration to extract the smallest active bio-peptides and germ free that allows an easy absorption via oral mucosa to the specific organ of your body to dramatically improve your body functions and make you feel like new. This new nutritional supplement uses cell extracts from the specific body to target the specific body organ to help you achieve the biological y physiological balance of all your body functions, influencing the building mechanism to regenerate and improve almost all type of body conditions. This is nutricos ceutical’s yet strongest solutions that provide a rapid absorption and travels to your body to start this cellular therapy, giving you another chance to do the things you love doing the most.
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